Check List for your Admission and I-Steps

  • Apply Online or Paper Application requires $25.00 for Undergraduate and professional studies or graduate application requires $50.00.
  • Provide Transcripts – High School Transcripts should present general point average (GPA) and completion date. Transfer students must request their international transcripts through WES – ICAP. United States university/college transcripts will be mailed directly to WAU Office of Admissions for undergraduate program. For School of Graduate Program and Professional Studies, you must mail it to SGPS address.
  • Letter of Admission Decision
  • Complete Financial Certification Form
  • Schedule a meeting or conference call with WAU DSO to submit Financial Certification Form
  • Pay confirmation fee $1,000
  • Request date of I-20 submission from your DSO– 60 days prior to first day of class (Date Submitted:____)
  • DSO will notify I-20 Approval SEVIS (Date Approved:_______)
  • Student will make an appointment with consulate/embassy (I-20 is required. Supplemental documents that are required will be outlined by the student’s Embassy/Consulate. Please refer to the USCIS website for the list of documentation required: )
  • Student will inform DSO about Visa Status via email – 30 days prior to first day of class
  • Announce arrival date to the campus via email
  • Speak with advisor and Register in classes – full time (12 credits for undergraduate and 6 hours for graduate program) Note: validated I-20, I-94 card and passport are required for verification purposes.
  • Schedule an appointment with DSO to activate I-20 status in SEVIS
  • 30 Days before next semester start, schedule a meeting with DSO to update status

INS/SEVIS Regulations

Washington Adventist University follows the proposed rules and implement the usage of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). SEVIS is an internet-based system providing the government, educational institutions and exchange programs an automated means to exchange timely information about foreign students, exchange visitors and their dependents. The rule will specify that schools use SEVIS to issue documentation to students and report pertinent information to INS. The Designated School Official (DSO) is an assigned officer by the respective college/university who implements SEVIS regulations to collect and report information on foreign students to the INS.

The DSO duties are to report:

  • A student's enrollment at the school
  • The start date of the student's next term or session
  • A student's failure to enroll
  • A student dropping below a full course of study without prior authorization
  • Any other failure to maintain status or complete the program
  • The student's permanent address in their home country
  • A change of the student's or dependent's legal name or address
  • Any disciplinary action taken by the school against the student as a result of the student being convicted of a crime
  • A student's graduation prior to the program end dated listed on the Form

The DSO is not a government representative who can change SEVIS’ decision but facilitate, process documents and information to assist the student. The student must understand the rules and requirement of SEVIS by visiting or call directly the customer service line at 703-603-3400

Documents Required to Initiate I-20

A completed Financial Certification Form and financial documentation showing that you have available a minimum of $ 32,895 (undergraduate program) or $26,055 (graduate program) for each year you will be studying at Washington Adventist University. If the student is married or has a dependent, he or she must add $7,500 to your minimum cost, plus $4,500 per additional dependants. If the student has a sponsor in the United States, she/he has to prove the followings:

  1. I-134 Affidavit of Support
  2. Statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institution in which the sponsor has deposits.

Confirmation Fee – The student must pay $1,000 confirmation fee either by credit card, money order or check.


International Undergraduate Student Documents

Admissions Procedures

International Undergraduate Checklist

Form I-134 Instructions

Form I-134

International Graduate Student Documents

Admissions Procedures

International Graduate Checklist

Form I-134 Instructions

Form I-134

Additional Documents

As soon you receive the I-20 approval from Washington Adventist University, you should contact your embassy. They will require you additional documents to process the student visa, such as:

  1. Approved I-20 Document

For additional questions in regard to embassy or F1 visa, please contact Student Exchange Visitor Program webpage or customer service line.

Documents for Admission

All documents become the property of Washington Adventist University and cannot be returned to the applicant or forwarded to a third party.

  1. Application for Admission (completed and signed by the student applicant). A $25 non-refundable paper application fee will be added to your fee bill the first semester you register for classes. If you apply online, the fee cost will be waived. To mail paper application , you can mail it to:
    Office of Admissions - Data Processing Center
    Washington Adventist University
    7600 Flower Ave.
    Takoma Park, MD 20912

    For those applicants who are applying to School of Graduate Program and Professional Studies, please mail your application and $50.00 fee to:
    School of Graduate and Professional studies (SGPS)
    Washington Adventist University
    7600 Flower Ave.
    Takoma Park, MD 20912
  2. If you have earned university credit outside of United States, you must request a transcript evaluation by WESS-ICAP and be mailed to Office of Admission. For students who just graduated from high school, they should mail official transcripts with GPA and English proficiency test scores (Figure 1).

  3. WES-ICAP for Transfer Students - WES offers two types of credential evaluation packages – Basic and ICAP. We strongly recommend the ICAP package. The WES ICAP makes it easier and faster for you to submit applications, reduces the total time spent applying to multiple institutions and helps you meet application deadlines. You will help admissions officers understand your international education by sending a WES ICAP (transcripts & evaluation) – the fullest, most accurate, verified information in one package. For more information and to initiate the WES translation package, please visit

  4. Please note that no transfer credit will be given for English coursework completed at any academic institution outside the United States. If you have not completed the first year of college-level English at an institution in the United States, you will be required to follow criteria for TOEFL, ILTS, IBET or Michigan Scores (Figure 1)

  5. You must submit official documentation of your English reading, writing, and listening ability in two ways:
    Submit your score from any one of the following acceptable language examinations to determine admission decision:
    Non-Restricted Admission >550 >213 >90 >5 >78
    Restricted Admission A 500-549 190-212 80-89 5
    Restricted Admission B 450-499 150-189 65-79 4
    Further Testing Required <450 <150 <65 <4