Dining Services

Welcome to our world of vegetarian cuisine!

Welcome everyone to our new and improved WAU Dining Services, a place where you can come and savor vegetarian cuisine brought to you by our very own Chef Purdie. On behalf of the Aladdin Dining Service Staff of Washington Adventist University, we are pleased to welcome you to an exciting year on campus! We have a delicious menu of dining options that will help make your academic experience more enjoyable. This Dining Service guide is designed especially for you - welcome to Washington Adventist University.

19 Meal Plan

This meal plan provides 19 meals each week during the academic year. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the Wilkinson Dining Hall.

Commuter Meals

$25, $50 and $100 meal passes are available for purchase to students who live off campus. Please contact Mike Womack for more information.

Dining Card Policy

Your student ID card is also your meal plan card. You must have your student ID card to eat in the Wilkinson Dining Hall. In the event of a lost card, see the Student Life Office. Using another student's ID card will result in the card being taken by the cashier and the incident will be reported to the Student Life Office. A cash purchase will then be required to dine in the cafeteria.

Student Involvement

The Residence Hall Council Food Committee assists the Dining Service in the task of planning and evaluating services. If you have ideas about the Wilkinson Dining Hall, meal options, quality, or service; you may contact a food committee member, write a note on our Opinion Please Card or speak to one of our dining service managers at any time.

Meals on the Run

We understand how hectic the life of a college student can be. To help accommodate busy schedules, sack lunches are available, provided there is a note from the dean or faculty member.

Special Dietary Needs

Our team is experienced in accommodating special dietary needs. For our guests who have medical needs, we provide a complete, convenient dining experience to help you meet your special requirements. Just let us know what you need.

Sick Trays

In the event of an illness; you can receive a meal, provided you have a note from a dean or the school nurse. A friend or roommate must have your ID and note to pick up the meal.

Consumption of Food

Only an ice cream cone, piece of fruit, or cookie that you are currently eating may be taken out from the Wilkinson Dining Hall. Otherwise, all food and beverages are to be consumed in the dining area. No outside food of any type is permitted.

Dress Code

Students should always dress modestly and their attire should demonstrate appropriate respect for standards of professionalism, cleanliness and propriety. Students are to adhere to the dress code of Washington Adventist University.


Students are requested to dress and conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect and reverence for God during Sabbath hours.

Earn Some Extra Money

Aladdin Food Management Services is a major employer of students on campus. Work schedules can be arranged around classes and allow for flexibility in hours. Applications can be obtained at the Wilkinson Dining Hall.

Speak Up

This is YOUR dining service and we are here to serve you! We appreciate your input and feedback to better meet your needs. You can make your voice heard through comment cards or just introduce yourself and tell us what you think.

Catering Services

Our professional catering services are always available to the students, faculty and staff at Washington Adventist University. Whether your event is large or small, an elegant reception, a group meeting, or other special event; we have the expertise and commitment to provide outstanding catering services. Give us a call at 301-891-4349 to discuss catering possibilities.