Professional Studies

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies combines our previous Adult Evening Program and our MBA program, along with our External Degree Program and our Online Program, to enhance what was the first accelerated adult education program in the D.C. area, giving you access to the programs you need to jumpstart your career!

Business Administration (BS)

The Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree provides a general background in the Major areas of business enterprise, management, accounting, finance, marketing, legal issues, and planning. Students may also elect to gain specialized knowledge by choosing an area of emphasis in entrepreneurship, finance, or human resources. Find out more»

Information Systems (BS)

The Bachelors of Science in Information Systems degree provides a sound  theoretical and practical working knowledge of information systems. Students learn principles of programming, database design, computer security, information systems strategy, and systems analysis through theoretical knowledge and hands on experience. Find out more»

Health Care Administration (BS)

The Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration degree provides sound theoretical and practical working knowledge in healthcare management and administration. Students acquire management skills and tools that will allow them to succeed at the supervisory level within the health care industry and in graduate study.  Find out more»

Counseling Psychology  (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology provides the kind of preparation needed by deans, guidance counselors, and high school psychology teachers when combined with appropriate education courses. Find out more»

Organizational Management (BS)

The Bachelors of Science in Organization Management degree emphasizes the personal skills of management by drawing from studies in social science such as sociology, psychology, and communication; as well as management science. Degree- seeking students complete a core curriculum consisting of twelve courses in the selected major and a guided independent research project.  Find out more»

Nursing/Excell (BS in Nursing for RN'S)

The Bachelors of Science in Nursing/ Excell degree was developed with the working heal care professional who wishes to expand their education in nursing. Following the same 18 month continuous progression as the other SGPS degree and certificates, the EXCELL Nursing program decreases the number of at- school hours along with a decrease in associated clinical hours and an increase in written assignments based on work experience. Find out more»

Early Childhood/Special Education (BA)

The Bachelors of Arts in Early Childhood/Special Education Program is an accelerated degree completion program designed to prepare professional early childhood educators and service providers to meet the needs of young children and their families. Find out more»

Elementary/ Special Education

The Elementary/ Special Education Dual Certification is an accelerated degree completion program designed to prepare professional educators to meet the needs of students in both general education classrooms and specialized settings.
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Associate in General Studies 

The general education program provides students the opportunity to develop skills in the context of a wide variety of disciplines. Find out more»