Progression Requirements: Medical Laboratory Science

Washington Adventist University Progression Requirements:

The medical laboratory science program reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw from the program if at any time the student’s scholastic achievement, ability to work with others, emotional stability, or patient contact proves unsatisfactory.  Scholastic achievement will be considered unsatisfactory any time the student’s cumulative grade point average falls below 2.50 for any two consecutive semesters.

Immediate dismissal will result if a student receives:

  1. A grade of D in any major or cognate course that is being repeated.
  2. A grade of D in any two major or cognate courses (cumulative throughout the program).
  3. A grade of F in any one course in the major or cognate area.

Andrews University Requirements:

Information about the Andrews University Progression Requirements can be obtained from the Andrews University bulletin and the medical laboratory science advisor.